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New Release – ObjectMapper .NET 0.99.422.0

Posted by Gerhard Stephan on May 22nd, 2006

This release is almost a beta release of version 1.00 for the ObjectMapper .NET. Primarly I did some performance enhancements that comprises the commit of value objects to the database.

Furthermore I splittet the class MapperException to single Exceptions for every use case. Therefore I implemented a MapperBaseException which acts as the base class for all derived exceptions. That makes it more easy to catch diferent exception types.

Additionaliy I added some new constructors which supports the versioning of the data model and last but not least, I fixed a bug in the method SetNestedObject which let the ObjectMapper .NET crahes when using this method in a Microsoft Access enviornment.

So all in all I hope to name the next release as version 1.0.



2 Responses to “New Release – ObjectMapper .NET 0.99.422.0”

  1. Jonathan Bruce's WebLog Says:

    Interfacing OR Mapping with ADO.NET…

    Coming from the Java world, OR mapping has been a strong, no strident topic of conversation for years. Yesterday saw a significant milestone with JSR-244, Java EE Specification 5.0 and JSR-220, EJB 3.0 graduating to fully matured specifications, ready …

  2. karl Says:

    hi Gerhard,
    thinking about a new Backend API – a better one then we developed at customer site.
    Will implement this via PL/SQL


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