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New Release – ObjectMapper .NET 1.0.513.0

Posted by Gerhard Stephan on June 14th, 2006

The last days we recognized that it might be useful to have text fields that are longer than 4000 characters (the limit of varchar2 in oracle).

So the ObjectMapper .NET had to learn CLOBS for Oracle, and MEMO data types for Microsoft Access. Right now, the only outstanding datatype is the TEXT data type for the SQL Server. This will be implemented within the next days.

To set a string property to an unlimited length you have to add the attribute PropertyLength.


            public string Content


                  get { return content; }

                  set { content = value; }



Furthermore I fixed a bug that appears when writing the difference sql file with WriteSchemaDif. Properties that have been a bigger size than the column within the current database hadn’t been reported.

And last but not least the namespace of the BackLink attribute changed to AdFactum.Data (without attributes at the end).


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