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Attribute: [Ignore]

Posted by Gerhard Stephan on July 7th, 2006

You can use the Ignore attribute to prevent the ObjectMapper .NET from mapping the property to database. This feature can be used for several use cases:

  • Calculated properties.
  • Properties that are only used by the UI.
  • Properties that are used to convert mapped properties to other data types.
  • etc.

Here’s an example for such a calculated property.


            public TimeSpan Duration


                  get { return LogOffTime – LogOnTime; }



            public DateTime LogOnTime


                  get { return logOnTime; }

                  set { logOnTime = value; }



            public DateTime LogOffTime


                  get { return logOffTime; }

                  set { logOffTime = value; }



In this example the LogOnTime and LogOffTime property will be stored in database. The duration will be calculated when accessing the property itself.

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