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New Release – ObjectMapper .NET 1.1.702.1

Posted by Gerhard Stephan on August 2nd, 2006

I’m proud to present the new version of the ObjectMapper .NET.

First of all, it’s linked against the new release of the Oracle ODP.NET Driver. The driver can be downloaded from Using the ODP .NET beta driver with the new ObjectMapper .NET will lead to an error.

As the second big change I renamend the attribute [BindCollectionTo] to [BindPropertyTo]. I changed the name because the new property is more general. Now you can bind a collection and (that is new) a interface type to a special target class.

            [BindPropertyTo(typeof (Contact))]

            public ContactCollection Contacts


                  get { return _contacts; }

                  set { _contacts = value; }



                        /// New functionality


            [BindPropertyTo(typeof (Contact))]

            public IContact Contact


                  get { return _contact; }

                  set { _contact = value; }



This new feature enables a better integration of the Persistent Domain Object Pattern, because it does not require to have two properties – one for the UI and one for the database mapping.

Furthermore I removed a bug of the method "RemoveFromCollection". If the item to remove has not been found within the collection, the ObjectMapper .NET always removed the last item. And I removed a bug that occured when the ObjectMapper .NET had to solve more than one VirtualLink that linked to the same target class.

Additionaly I added thread safety for the cache of the ObjectMapper .NET. I did not ever had any problems with it, but you’ll never know.

And last but not least, the ObjectMapper .NET is not marked as sealed anymore. Thus enables you to inherit the ObjectMapper .NET in order to build your own default constructor.


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