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New Release – AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET 1.62.1602.0

Posted by Gerhard Stephan on May 2nd, 2007

The new version of the AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET covers two bugs and one enhancement.

First of all, the Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition (CE) can now be used with Desktop Applications. Therefore the SqlCEPersister has been added to ObjectMapper .NET solution.

Regarding this functionality I fixed two bugs that have been announced in SourceForge. The first bug (a critical one) prevented storing objects that had duplicated values and property types. The second bug produced a wrong update DDL Script when using the [GeneralLink] attribute on aggregated properties. This bug not only appeared when using SqlCEPersister.

Both bugs (and some smaller bugs too) have been fixed for the current version.

Hope you enjoy the new version


Use the following link to download the new version: 

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