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New Release – AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET 1.70.1706.0

Posted by Gerhard Stephan on June 11th, 2007

Today I’m proud to present the next version of the AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET. This release covers one primary feature. The AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET is now able to handle primary keys other than GUIDs. That means it can handle autoincremented ident numbers for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access. Therefore two new base classes have been established.


This base class offers an autoincremented ident number as the primary key for every table. When using Oracle, all necessary sequences and triggers will be generated automatically.


This generic value object base class can handle all property types that can be mapped by the AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET and uses the given type as the primary key for the value object.

Interface Changes, IValueObject:

But you can also implement your own base class by using the IValueObject interface. If you do so, you have to specify the property that will be taken as the primary key for the table. Therefore you have to tag your primary key property with the [PrimaryKey] Attribute.

Interface Changes, IObjectFactory:

In order to gain a bit more performance the IObjectFactory interface has been extended. You now have to implement a new function Type GetType(string) which returns a Type object from a parameter typename given as string.

Attribut Changes, GenericLink:

Now the GenericLink attribute needs a base class to determinate the type of the primary key used by all derived classes that will be linked with the property. If no base class for the GenericLink attribute has been specified, the class ValueObject will be taken as the base class.

Attribut Changes, BackLink:

The BackLink attribute needs one new paramenter called "CurrentClass" in order to specify the primary key of the entity type.

That are the biggest changes. As a second new feature I added a new solution file that can be used by the Microsoft Visual Studio Orcas Beta 1 Release.

So that’s all for now.
Wish you all a very nice week.


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