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New Project-Team License Model

Posted by Gerhard Stephan on August 17th, 2007

Today we start offering our new project team license model.

If you’re working in a development team you won’t need to buy every single developer a license for the AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET. Since today it’s sufficient to buy one team license. It doesn’t matter how many members are within your team. That reduces the costs of the software license for the AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET significant.

Remember: The AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET is not free at all. It’s only free if you’re publishing your product under the GPL License. If not, you have to register yourself at our registration website and buy a valid license. When buying our products, you will receive a printed product certificate as a proof of your ownership.

Hope to welcome you as a new registered customer.

Best regards
Gerhard Stephan

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