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New Release – AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET 2.1.2414.0

Posted by Gerhard Stephan on January 14th, 2008

Today I present the first release of the AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET within the new year. So what does it cover? This release is one of the big one and covers a lot of minor changes and one or two bigger issues.

First of all I added a new persister especially for the old Sql Server 2000 version, which does not support the analysis functions used by the paging algorithm. As another big new feature, I added a "DeleteRecursive" method which allows to delete object trees by using a given hierarchy level.

The minor features are less impressive, but important to know:  Many method signatures have changed from using the old collections to the new generic collections. That makes it more easy to use this methods. Furthermore I changed a lot of code fragments so that they are FxCop conform and I reduced duplicated code fragments.

Following bugs have been fixed:

When using the Oracle Paging algorithm there has been a bug when paging a sorted list with identical sort values. Oracle retrieved differend row data. To solve this issue the ROWID has now been added as an additional sorting column.

The SQL Persister for Windows CE is now able to using SelectDistinct (which causes an error in earlier versions). Virtual Links are now correctly quoted, so that reserved words can  be used for it and SelectIds on XmlPersister will now work even if the target object is not defined within the XML file.

So that’s a lot stuff. Hope that everything works for your suffiency. If not, don’t hesitate to write within the forum or answer to this blog entry.

Wish you a great new year.

– Gerhard

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