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New Release – AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET 2.2.2418.0

Posted by Gerhard Stephan on January 18th, 2008

Four days after the last release I have to publish a small bug fix for all oracle users.

The last change, adding the ROWID to all pageselects, did not work, when querying a database view. And that’s correct, because a database view does not offer a ROWID. So what did I change? It’s now possible to define, that a .NET class is mapped to a database view. This can be done by using the new attribute called "View", instead of using the attribute "Table".

As a second bugfix I changed WithClause. Using the WithClause in prior versions could force a cartesian product, because all tables of the With-Clause have been exposed to the Parent SQL, which is an unwanted behaviour.

Hoping that this will be the last hotfix for this month I wish you a great weekend.

– Gerhard

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