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New Release – AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET 2.3.2619.0

Posted by Gerhard Stephan on March 19th, 2008

This Release is a pure bug fixing Realease. It covers three major bug fixes.

At first, it fixes a memory leak that occures when calling the Method "BaseCache.ClearAllCaches". Because this is not obvious for all users, I have to explain that this method has been called every time the ObjectMapper class has been initialized with a version information greater than zero.

The second fix is a multithreading bug that causes the mapper to throw unmotivated Exceptions, like "NoPrimaryKeyFound" Exception and "CollectionHasBeenModified" Exception. But this only occured when using the ObjectMapper .NET in a strongly multithreaded environment.

The last fix, fixed the update and delete sql statements of dictionary types (e.g. SortedList and Hashtable). Due to that the link table had a wrong primary key definition and that caused the update of the link table to fail.

Hope you enjoy the new version.

– Gerhard

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